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Nathan Snell



Product Leader.

Hello! I'm Nathan. I appreciate you looking me up!

I'm currently the Co-founder and CEO of Raleon, a web3/crypto startup. Prior to that, I was a Co-founder at nCino, a fintech unicorn.

I'm passionate about the hard and innovative problems to solve. I love building products and companies that move industries toward a future vision as an evolution, not a revolution.

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a brief history

Ever since I was 11 and first started working in tech, I've always been most excited about building amazing teams of people and working together to accomplish what most thought not possible.

Before starting Raleon I was blessed to be a co-founder at nCino (IPO), a fintech unicorn that is the worldwide leader in cloud banking. At nCino, I lead product and innovation, blazing the trail for the world's best commercial banking platform (according to customers), bringing more AI/data in banking via nCino IQ (nIQ), and many other things.

I also spent time early on at Live Oak Bank (IPO), building out their product team and infrastructure before it spun out as nCino. Prior to that, I've been involved in other startups, all amounting to more than a decade of experience in financial services, cloud apps, analytics, and workflow.

When I'm not starting or growing companies, I'm spending time with my amazing wife, two kids, and friends. I'm also a devoted follower of Jesus.


getting stuff done
  • Podcast is a podcast I created to share my insights on building product teams and products themselves. It's like having an inside perspective of how I've mentored some wonderfully talented people that are now running their own organizations.

  • Advising

    There are so many market opportunities out there. I set time aside to advise a select few founders doing awesome things.

  • Angel Investing

    There are some amazing companies working on valuable problems to solve. I like to support those I can.



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